Why Snowmobile Loses Power Under Load And How To Fix It

One of the worse experience is when a snowmobile loses power under load.

This can be very frustrating especially if you are travelling a long distance.

A snowmobile loses power when loaded due to bad spark plug, low compression or when the fuel pump is bad.

The load on a snowmobile are in various types.

It could be in the form of a heavier load like a heavier person or a heavy luggage.

It could also be in the form of a higher acceleration.

Anything that makes the snowmobile engine work harder is a load on the engine.

For the snowmobile to perform optimally under load, the engine must be mechanically fit too.

If not, it will struggle to perform well with the load it carries.

When this happens, it will take longer for you to reach your destination.

This is because your snowmobile will be very unstable at a high speed.

This could lead your snowmobile to shutting down if you increase the acceleration under load more than it can handle.

When this happens, do not panic but follow the instructions below.

Why Snowmobile Loses Power Under Load

1) Bad Spark Plug

One of the components that play a vital role in the performance of a snowmobile engine is the spark plug.

When it is in a good working condition, the snowmobile engine will run well.

Even when the snowmobile acceleration increases, it still has no problem when the spark plugs are good.

But the problem sets in when the spark plug in the snowmobile gets bad.

This will lead to the loss of efficiency in the engine of the snowmobile easily.

This will show up when you want to start the snowmobile.

At such point, a bad plug will not allow the snowmobile to start easily.

It even gets worse when the snowmobile is under load.

What gives power to a snowmobile is the engine that it carries.

Inside the engine is a very vital component which is the spark plug.

The spark plug helps in the proper functioning of cylinders in the snowmobile engine to produce power.

With this power, the snowmobile is able to function satisfactorily.

This includes moving fast and being able to carry some load efficiently.

But when the spark plug in the engine is bad, not all the cylinders in the engine will be working well.

This will lead to a loss of power in the snowmobile.

Due to this, the snowmobile loses power under load.  

2) Bad Clutch System

One of the mechanical components in a snowmobile that guarantees a swift use of your snowmobile is the clutch.

But as time goes on, the clutch in the snowmobile will begin to develop wear and tear.

The snowmobile may still be able to run but it will affect its efficiency.  

One of the ways this loss of efficiency will show up will show is when the snowmobile is loaded.

With a bad clutch, the snowmobile will easily lose power when it is under load.

That is why it is not safe to drag a snowmobile over a long distance as it affects the clutch.

3) Bad Fuel Pump

When it comes to the use of a snowmobile, the fuel pump has a very big role to play in order to achieve a great performance.

Irrespective of the capacity of the engine, if the fuel pump is bad, the snowmobile loses power when loaded.

This is because for an engine to respond well to a load, it increases its power output.

One of the components in the snowmobile engine that helps in engine power increase is the fuel pump.

When the snowmobile engine needs to give out more power, it needs to burn more fuel.

But the amount of fuel sent in for burning is controlled by the fuel pump.

The fuel pump also controls the pressure at which the fuel is sent into the engine of the snowmobile.

This will help the snowmobile operate fluently when under load.

But the problem sets in when the fuel pump in the snowmobile is bad.

This will cause issues especially when the snowmobile is carrying load.

 At such point, the snowmobile loses power under load.

This is because the higher the load, the higher the power the engine produces to keep up its performance irrespective of the load.

At such point, it burns more fuel optimally sent in by the fuel pump.

When the fuel pump is bad, it will be sending in fuel in a wrong volume.

Such low volume of fuel will not be enough for the engine to perform well when loaded.

At such a point, the snowmobile loses power.

Knowing how to protect your snowmobile fuel pump from damage will help your snowmobile perform well.

4) Bad Air Filter

For the snowmobile engine to produce enough power, it mixes fuel with air.

This helps the cylinders in the snowmobile engine to efficiently burn fuel to produce energy for the snowmobile.

But when the air filter is bad, it will also affect the performance of the snowmobile when loaded.

A bad air filter could be filled with grease.

It could also be filled with absorbed smoke.

Due to this, air will not be able to easily pass through the air filter to mix with fuel for an efficient burn in the cylinder.

Due to this, the snowmobile dies when under load.

What To Do When Snowmobile Loses Power Under Load

1) Check The Clutch System

One of the things to check when your snowmobile perform poorly under load is the clutch.

At the point of checking, if the clutch has a lot of wear and tear, it is a sign you may need a replacement soon.

If it is out of alignment, make sure that you put it in the best position.

2) Change a Bad Spark Plug

At some point, a friend of mine had checked a whole lot in her snowmobile but could not find out why it was losing power when loaded.

On performing a test drive, I just knew it had to be a bad plug in one of the cylinders so I had to change it to confirm.

On changing the bad spark plugs, the performance of the snowmobile came back to top performance.

To my friend, it was just like a dream.

But I have been there before and I know how important those small components can be to the engine performance of a snowmobile.

So when you snowmobile loses power under load, make sure it is not running with a bad plug.

If the spark plug is bad, you need to change them.

This will bring back the performance of your snowmobile.

3) Use a Good Fuel Pump

How do you feel when you work for hours without eating or drinking?

You will feel so worn out.

That is the same thing that happens to a snowmobile when it is underfed with fuel.

It just wears out the power of the snowmobile especially when it is under load.

That is because fuel is the food of the snowmobile engine.

For the engine to perform well, it must be optimally fed with fuel.

But what controls this is the fuel pump.

The fuel pump feeds the snowmobile engine with the right volume of fuel at the right pressure.

When the fuel pump goes bad, it affects the performance of the snowmobile negatively.

That is why you have to use a good fuel pump in your snowmobile.

When you discover that it is faulty, make sure that you change it to a good one.

4) Clean The Air Filter

Having a good air filter in your snowmobile is very important.

Just like a fuel pump is important, the air filter is also of great importance too.

It helps supply clean air to be mixed with the fuel for burning in the cylinder.

A fuel with a good mix of air will burn well.

At such point, it will be able to produce the power your snowmobile needs.

If not, your snowmobile loses power under load due to a bad air filter.

To avoid this, you must make sure that you clean your air filter regularly.

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