Seadek Texture Types

Choosing the right seadek texture can really boast how well you will enjoy using a seadek  on your boat.

Seadek texture comes in two different forms which is the brushed texture and the embossed texture.

To have a great and enjoyable moment, you have to know the best positions to use each of them during installation.

In this guide, you will learn of these textures and the position you can best use them on the boat.

What Is Seadek Texture

This is the physical appearance of the surface of the seadek sheet material.

Before you start the installation on your boat, you have to make sure that you go for the appropriate type.

Not as if any is bad but they will optimally perform differently.

For example, the floor of your boat should be decorated with the embossed seadek texture and not the brushed variant.

This is because the brushed seadek texture has spaces in between which can catch debris even when cleaning.

But with the embossed texture, the debris is easily removed from the floor of the boat.

Types Of Seadek Texture

The physical condition of the seadek does not just come in one form.

It comes in different textures.

These texture includes;

  • Brushed Texture
  • Embossed Texture

Choosing the right type is very important so as to have a great feel when using your boat.

This will add more prestige and traction to your boat floor.

1) Brushed Seadek Texture

This is one of the texture in which the seadek sheet comes in.

In the brushed type of texture, the surface of the sheet is given a little feel of roughness.

This is due to the brushed surface finish that it carries.

Where To Use Brushed Seadek Texture

1) Boat Floor

One of the places on the boat where the brushed texture can be used is on the floor of the boat.

A lot of times, I see people use it on their boat floor.

But it is not quite optimal to make use of the brushed seadek texture on the floor of your boat.

This is because there are spaces between the brushed patterns.

This will make debris to be held in these spaces when people make use of the boat.

When you want to clean the floor of the boat, it will not be optimally cleaned with an ordinary cleaner and clothe.

This is because some of the solid debris that are tiny will be stuck in the spaces.

On using a cleaner and clothe to clean the boat floor, some of these debris will still be retained in the brushed spaces.

But with a thorough wash with enough water, it should not be a problem.

2) Boat Body

Apart from the floor of the boat, another place you can comfortably use the brushed texture of your seadek is the body of your boat.

This is done by placing it on the body of your boat chassis.

This will help beautify your boat body.

It will also protect the chassis of the boat from wear and tear.

It will also increase the traction of the surface of your boat too.

This will prevent situations of someone falling overboard the boat.

2) Embossed Seadek Texture

This is another texture of the seadek in which people love a lot.

It is what I use on my boat floor and have never had any regret using it for so many years now.

Unlike the brushed variant, the embossed texture of the seadek sheet has protrusions on the surface of the seadek sheet.

This gives your boat a kind of premium and industrial feel when it is installed.

It makes it very easy to clean the boat floor and remove all liquid and solid debris fast.

Where To Use Embossed Seadek Texture

1) Boat Floor

One of the best places you can use the embossed seadek texture is on the floor of your boat.

This gives the floor of your boat a premium and industrial kind of look.

Also, it makes the cleaning process very easy when you want to clean the floor of your boat.

That is why the embossed texture is the best pick when you want to install seadek sheet on your boat floor.

2) Boat Body

Apart from installing the seadek brushed texture on the body of the boat, other people also have their preferences too.

This has to do with other people preferring the embossed texture on their boat body.

This gives your boat a very nice look after it has been installed.

Apart from the beauty is adds to the boat body, it gives more traction to the edges of the boat chassis.

When the edges of the boat chassis is more slip resistant, it increases the safety condition of a boat.

This is because it will reduces the cases of people falling overboard due to a slip at the edge of the boat.

Advantages Of a Seadek Texture

1) It Gives More Esthetics To The Boat

Every boat owner wants to make his or her boat look great.

This has to do with the mechanical condition of the boat.

But another area you want to make your boat look great is the interior and exterior of your boat.

If you are using your boat for commercial purpose, it will attract a lot of passengers very fast.

This is because when boating, people like to take pictures and videos a lot.

But this is not well enjoyed if the aesthetics of the boat is poor.

But when the aesthetics of the boat is great, plenty passengers will keep coming to your boat.

One of the best ways you can achieve a great boat aesthetics is with the use of a seadek sheet.

This aesthetics is more elevated when you choose the right seadek texture.

2) It Enhances a Higher Traction

One of the things you should avoid on a boat is slipping.

This is due to the nature of your boat surface.

When this occurs, it could lead to serious injuries.

At worse cases, people fall overboard in the process.

But seadek adds more traction to your boat floor when used.

3) It Prevents Situations Of Falling Overboard

One of the worst things to face when boating is when someone falls overboard.

Most of the times, this is due to the nature of the boat edges.

When the edges of the boat is slippery, it will be very easy for someone to slip off from the boat.

But when it has a good traction, it will really increase the safety of the passengers.

When a seadek textured sheet is used on the edges of the boat, it makes the boat edge more safe.

This is because it will make the edge of the boat more slip resistant.

Due to this, the occurrence of someone falling overboard will be very small.


Boating is a great way of spending your leisure time.

This is more enjoyable when it is done in a boat that is optimally performing mechanically and design wise.

With a great seadek texture, you can transform your boat aesthetics greatly.

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