Privacy Policy

Here at longlifesport, we respect the privacy of our users and visitors a lot but there are some data that we still collect from all our site visitors to help us perform better and keep track of our progress and improve on our flaws.

This includes location data and other data like time spent on site through our analytics tool.

The Information We Collect

Identity: For every user who tries to have access to any service from our website, such individual might be requested to provide information for identification. Information that could be required include the following; the name of the user, email address of the user, phone number of the user, username and password(where necessary)

Geographic Information: We collect geographic information of every user of our products. The geographical information we collect are IP address and country of residence.

Users’ behaviour: time on the website while making use of our products and services, number of clicks on the site, bounce rate, number of shares of our contents to any other platform.

Other Information we collect include; devices used by visitors of our site to access our services, the type of browsers used by our users, the medium through which the users get access to our products and services, service providers of the user, the search engine that the user is making use of.

We also collect information on the number of users of the products and services on our website at every point in time(real-Time, daily basis, weekly basis, and monthly basis)

The Usefulness Of The Information We Collect

The information we gather from the different users of our website helps us in different ways.

The user’s individualities gathered assist us in checking their respective preference in terms of our contents and services. It also helps us to know who is making use of the website. Through the identity data gathered, we will be able to know which of the users that will be notified about any new content on the website.

The geographical information collected helps to know the location of users of our products and services. It also gives us an overview of how far our content can reach and different persons from different countries that are interested in our services.

The users’ behaviours help to check their respective reactions to our contents and services on the website. That’s if they are satisfied with the services we offer or not.

The information generated relating to the device used by many users will show how mobile-friendly our website is or not.

The Google Analytics information feeds us with the traffic statistics on our website. The information gotten here will determine whether our contents are qualitative enough to be seen easily by users who seek such products online. If the result we obtain is high, it means that our products and services are highly accessible by different users, if otherwise, the reverse is the case.

In general, we do not just gather information for gathering sake. Every information collected is for a special purpose and we make use of the information maximally. Those data help us to keep in check the growth of our site, enhancement, validity and authenticity of our products and services on the site. We get a first-hand report on every issue about our website, whether a good one or any error on the site and we will know the best approach to fixing such errors if any. These are the rationale for our collection of that information about the users of the site.

How We Secure The Information Collected

At Longlifesport, we so much respect the privacy of every user and ensure that personal data are kept very secure. We do not allow any external body to steal into the information supplied to us by the users of our services. We always ensure that that information is encrypted under a secured platform using HTTPS and can never be accessed by any unauthorized personnel. It is also our responsibility to protect the information from getting lost and from any form of misuse.

Do Users Under 18 Years Of Age Have Access To Our Content And Services?

The content we create on our website is not age-based. That is, people of all ages have equal rights as regards the accessibility to our products and services. As a result, we respect every user equally and the same security terms apply to both children and adults.

Third-Party Service Utilisation

We make use of third-party services where necessary. This can be a display ads or an affiliate link and we can share the information gathered with such a platform according to their privacy policies and their terms and conditions of services.

Also, if users information is needed by Google for analysis of our website, we can as well share the data collected with them. Aside from these, we do not share our users’ personal information with any other person. We do not also sell users details.

Users’ Rights In Disclosure Of Information

The supply of personal information by users is strictly based on them. We do not mandate that users of our products and services must supply their personal information before they can have access to our content and services. If the information must be needed from any user, it must be on a special case. Some users can make use of our content anonymously.

How Changes In Our Privacy Policy Can Be Communicated To Users.

In case of any change in the usage of our products and services, we can communicate with our users by updating this privacy policy on this page. From here, they can always visit the site to read the privacy policy to be aware of any change.