Signs You Need a Snowmobile Track Replacement

One of the snowmobile parts you should pay close attention to is the snowmobile track.

Frequent checks will show you signs you need a snowmobile track replacement if you find damages.

Your snowmobile track needs a replacement if it has a lot of torn lugs with torn tracks.

Driving a snowmobile with these faults is very dangerous which you have to avoid.

In this guide, you will learn signs that show a bad snowmobile track that needs replacement.

How To Discover wear And Tear On a Snowmobile Track

1) Frequent Check Of The Snowmobile Track

A lot of people have the habit of checking their snowmobile parts only when they hear a bad sound or sign.

This is a very wrong practice that only leads to more damages to other parts of the snowmobile.

Routine checks should be carried out on the snowmobile each time you want to drive it out.

When you perform checks frequently, you will be able to solve the issue speedy.

This will prevent the damage from extending to other parts of the snowmobile.

An example of this is by repairing a snowmobile lug that is damaged.

If you do not repair the damaged lug on time, the damage will spread to affect the snowmobile track.

So always make sure that you perform a check on your snowmobile before you drive it.

 Signs You Need A New Snowmobile Track Replacement

1) Large Number Of Torn Snowmobile Lugs

One of the components that directly affects the optimal performance of a snowmobile track is the lugs on the track.

If all the lugs are good, the snowmobile track will perform well.

But if the snowmobile has a lot of damage lugs, it will affect the track negatively.

To ensure you are safe when using the snowmobile, you have to change the track on the snowmobile if it has a lot of damaged lugs.

This will help in making the snowmobile more safe and reliable for use.

But if the number of torn lugs is in a small number one to three damaged lugs, you can still use the snowmobile track by repairing the damaged lugs.

But if the number of damaged lugs is high, you need to change the snowmobile track totally to a new one.

2) Critically Torn Tracks

Torn tracks on the snowmobile is another sign you need a snowmobile track replacement.

When a track develops wear and tear, you can repair it with glue if the damage is a minor one.

But if the damage consist of tear and wear that eats deep into the tracks, then you need to replace the track with a new one.

This will make your leisure time with your snowmobile more safe and interesting.

Some of the signs of a critically damaged snowmobile track is when the fiber of the snowmobile track is revealed due to the damaged track.

It could also be that the tear on the snowmobile track has eaten deep into the snowmobile.

At this point, it is very dangerous to still drive the snowmobile without a replacement.

3) Missing Snowmobile Track Clips

One of the worst experience you can encounter when driving your snowmobile is being in a scenario in which your snowmobile falls off the mount.

This is very dangerous and leads to a serious accident if it happens.

This is always caused by a missing clip on the snowmobile.

Clips help hold the tracks well to the mount.

If it is absent or missing, it becomes a problem as the tracks will not be held firmly to the mount again.

Due to this, the snowmobile track can fall off anytime especially when you are driving the snowmobile at a high speed.

So as you perform a check on your snowmobile, make sure that you check the clips too.

If they are missing, make sure that you replace them with a new one.

If you continue driving without replacing the missing clips, you are at a high risk of injuring your snowmobile and yourself too.

After How Many Miles Should Snowmobile Tracks Be Replaced

A snowmobile track may need a replacement when it has been used between 5,000 to 15,000 miles.

Apart from the mileage that  your snowmobile has covered, that should not be the determining factor of when you should replace your tracks.

One of the most critical factors that determine the best time you should replace a track is the condition of the track.

A snowmobile can have a mileage of 10,000 and still have tracks with very little to no damage.

In this type of situation, you can still use it.

But sometimes you can see some snowmobiles with less than 1000 mileage being used in harsh terrains.

Due to this, the parts of the snowmobile develops a lot of faults.

Most of the faults it has includes plenty torn snowmobile lug.

Also it has a lot of damaged spots on the track.

When you have this type of track, it is not good to wait till it gets to 5000 miles.

Just change it immediately to avoid more damage to the snowmobile or yourself.

What Does a Worn Snowmobile Track Look Like

A worn snowmobile track has a lot of damages on the tracks and lugs of the snowmobile.

This makes the snowmobile less safe to drive as the track may cut when driving at a high speed in a rough terrain.

But if the worn snowmobile has less damage like less ripped lugs, you can repair it with the use of a good glue.

This will help repair the bad lug area and also protect the tracks from damage by covering them.


In any sport you engage in, you should always make sure that you prioritize safety all the time.

This will be seen in the physical and mechanical soundless of your snowmobile.

Always check if there are signs you need to replace snowmobile track.

With this, your snowmobile will be safe from a lot of damage.

You as the driver of the snowmobile will also be safe too.

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