How To Heat a Pool Without a Heater Fast

When it comes to generating heat, a lot of power is always consumed making the process expensive.

Due to this, people find alternatives on how to heat a pool without a heater.

To heat a pool without a heater can be done in several ways like exposing the pool to direct sunlight or by using a solar blanker and solar rings.

This will help you save cost while getting the result you need.

In the course of this guide, you will learn how to get it done easily.

How To Heat a Pool Without a Heater

1) Use a Pool Cover

heat a pool without heater with pool cover

One of the ways of keeping a pool warm without heater is to make sure that you cover the pool.

This can be done with the use of a pool cover.

With the use of a pool cover, the heat in the pool will be well retained.

This is because due to the material that the pool cover is made, it will help in stopping loss of temperature from the pool.

2) Expose The Pool To Adequate Sunlight

Sun light or sun rays is one of the best ways in which you can increase the temperature of a pool.

But you have to get some things  right so that this method will work well for you.

This is by removing shades that are too close to the pool area.

This will expose a large surface area of the pool to the direct rays of the sun.

When this happens, the pool water will start increasing in temperature.

3) Use a Solar Blanket

Another way of heating the pool without the use of pool heater is by making use of a solar blanket.

When you use a solar blanket, it helps in retaining the water temperature in the pool.

When this is done, it will keep the temperature of the pool.

One thing about using a pool blanket is that it is affordable.

Not just being affordable, it gets the job done when you want to heat a pool without a heater.

There are a lot of ways in which you can warm your pool without a heater.

4) Use Of a Solar Ring

Using a solar ring is also another way you can use to increase the temperature of your pool.

It is also an alternative way if you do not want to make use of a solar blanket.

Solar rings are much smaller than a solar blanket and are usually round in nature.

They absorb the heat of the environment and that of the sun too.

This absorbed heat is then transmitted to the water in which the solar cover is placed on.

This helps a lot when you want to increase the temperature of your pool.

Things To Consider When You Want To Warm Pool Without a Heater

Most of the times, people try to make their pool warmer without a heater but it becomes impossible.

This is always due to some condition around the pool area.

But when you follow some considerations, you will be able to heat your pool cheaply.

Some of these conditions to follow are;

1) Do Not Plant Shades Too Close To The Pool

warm pool without heater

One of the ways on how to cool a pool is to plant shades around the pool.

When this is done it keeps the pool cool.

But when you want to make your pool warm naturally, you have to keep trees far from the pool.

With this, direct sunlight will not be obstructed from warming the pool water directly.

If there are a lot of trees or shades that are too close to the pool, remove them.

This will increase the amount of sun rays that touches the pool water.

2) Do Not Add Ice To The Pool

Anytime you want to reduce the temperature of anything, the best way is always to introduce it to a  lower temperature.

This will help in reducing the temperature of the object.

Just like how ice is added to a pool to cool it down.

But in the case where you want to warm your pool cheaply, you have to do the reverse.

This is by avoiding the addition of ice to the pool.

This will help in increasing the temperature of the pool when sun rays touch the pool water.

3) Use a Good And Durable Pool Cover

Using a pool cover is really helpful when you want to keep your pool warm.

This is because as it covers the pool, it reduces the rate at which the cold environment temperature interacts with the pool water.

But what you have to pay attention to is buying a good and durable pool cover.

A bad pool cover has a lot of spaces in between them.

Due to this, it leads to the loss of heat in the pool.

But with the help of a good and durable pool cover, this is reduced.

A  good pool cover should be able to retain the temperature of the pool well.

This applies to when the pool is cold.

It also should be able to hold the temperature well even when it is warm.

Benefits Of Heating a Pool Without a Heater

1) It Is Less Expensive

how to warm pool without heater

Heating a pool with the use of pool accessories can be very expensive most of the time.

This is due to the number of devices you will be using for the task.

These devices like the pool heater cost a lot.

Also, you get to pay a high electricity bill too when you make use of it.

This is because these pool heating devices consume a lot of energy.

But with the use of cheap and natural methods like sunlight, you just heat your pool for free.

2) It Does Not Require Too Much Monitoring

When you heat a pool with the use of devices like a pool  heater, you have to monitor it frequently.

This is always done to make sure that the devices are working optimally without any fault.

Also, you have to keep checking the temperature of the water too.

But when you make use of methods like using sunlight to heat a pool without a heater, you do not  stress yourself with much monitoring.

3) It Does Not Require Plenty Devices

When it comes to keeping your pool warn by using devices, you will need a lot of tools for this.

Some tools will help in heating the pool water.

Others will help in checking the temperature of the pool with temperature testing devices.

But when you use methods like the sun, you rarely use plenty tools.

Limitations of Heating a Pool Without a Heater

1) Warming a Pool Without a Heater Takes Too Much Time

When it comes to the use of a pool heater to increase the temperature of your pool, it is always very fast.

This is because the pool heater can reach high temperature in a matter of seconds.

When water gets in contact with it, it automatically changes the temperature very fast.

But in the case of less expensive pool heating methods like sunlight, the process is always very slow.

2) It Is Very Ineffective In Cold Regions

The ease of heating the pool water without a pool heater is very geographically selective.

This means that in some places, you can easily warm the pool with methods like sun rays.

But in some other areas, this is not really optimal.

This occurs mostly in cold region areas that have snow.

But with the use of a pool heater, it will be very effective to warm your anywhere.


How to heat a pool without a heater is a really rewarding task when you want to enjoy a warm pool on with friendly budget.

Also you can warm a pool without even spending a dime when you expose the pool to the rays of the sun.

Continue having a nice time in a warm pool by following the methods shown in this guide.

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