Can Swimming Pool Cause Itchy Skin?

Anytime you want to swim, you have to make sure that the swimming pool you are using is hygienic.

This is very important especially when you are making use of a public pool.

This brings up questions like can swimming pool cause itchy skin.

A swimming pool can make your skin itch if it is dirty, contains excess chlorine or is not well maintained.

Getting an itchy skin after swimming or while swimming is always a very bad experience.

That is why you have to make sure that you avoid anything that triggers it.

How Can Swimming Pool Cause Itchy Skin

1) When You Swim In a Pool With Poo

Swimming pool is a place where a lot of people enjoy their leisure time.

Due to this, pools with high standards are always kept in a hygienic condition.

But irrespective of the efforts of the pool managers, some of the people swimming in the pool might still contaminate the pool.

This is always due to the activities of some people in the swimming pool.

Such activities includes defecating in the swimming pool.

It might sound very childish and funny but it does occur.

Most of the times, it is always done by children.

But in other cases, some adults are seen doing this too.

It is a very bad practice when swimming and should be avoided.

This is because it distorts the hygienic condition of the swimming pool.

Due to this, some harmful micro organisms are spread from the poo into the swimming pool.

This affects the health condition of anybody swimming in the pool.

Due to this, conditions like an itchy skin can be encountered by someone swimming in a pool with poo.

2) When There Is Excess Chlorine In The Pool

Taking care of the water that is inside a swimming pool is very important.

This will help the water have a clean look.

Apart from the water having a clean look, a treated pool water will smell nice and will be free from germs.

One of the ways in which this is done is with the use of a chemical to kill any germ that might be in the water.

A popular chemical in which a lot of pool managers use is chlorine.

Chlorine helps in detoxifying a pool water from harmful germs.

But a problem can occur if it is not used in the right quantity.

This problem shows up when the volume of chlorine added to a pool water is too much.

This excess volume of chlorine will react negatively on the skin of the swimmers.

In most of the cases, it will lead to an itchy skin when swimming in a pool.

This is always a very unpleasant experience when swimming.

To avoid this, the right volume of chlorine should be added to the water in a swimming pool and not an excess of it.

This will help put out germs from the swimming pool water and also make the pool safe for use without itching of skin.

3) When The Swimming Pool Is Dirty

Another way in which a swimming pool causes itchy skin is when the pool is dirty.

To be able to have a pool that is hygienic, the pool has to be kept in a clean condition.

One of the ways to achieve this is to make sure that a pool is not dirty.

When a pool is dirty, it will lead to the growth of micro-organisms in the swimming pool.

To avoid this, the pool attendant has to make sure that the pool is kept in a clean condition.

This will help avoid itching when swimming in a pool.

To achieve this, the water in the pool has to be well treated.

Apart from treating the water in the pool, the water has to be changed when it is due for a change.

When people like children are to use a pool, they have to be advised not to engage in any bad pool practice while swimming.

Such bad practice includes defecating in the pool or urinating in the pool.

This can cause harm like an itchy skin to others in the pool.

That is why it should be avoided to help make sure that the pool is kept clean always.

4) When Your Skin Is Very Fragile

Some of the times having an itchy skin might not be directly linked to the swimming pool hygienic condition.

You can swim in a pool that is well maintained with a clean water treated with an optimal level of chlorine but still have an itchy skin after you swim.

This is caused by your skin in some of the cases where the pool is well treated.

This is because everybody in a pool do not have the same type of skin.

Some people will swim and not have any itchy skin.

But some will start developing an itchy skin once they enter the water or after they are out of the water.

This is due to your skin being very delicate.

A skin that is very delicate will easily react to a lot of things fast.

This includes the chlorine in the swimming pool.

5) When There Are Germs In The Pool

When it comes to developing an itchy skin while swimming, one of the major cause of it is due to germs in the water.

That is why it is always advisable to always swim in a pool that is well treated.

This will save you from a lot of health complications while swimming.

When a pool is not well treated, one of the things it will have is germs.

This is always very harmful to the health of the people swimming in the pool.

It is even worse if a swimmer in the pool has an open wound.

This will easily infect the wound and cause complications.

Apart from having an open wound, someone without an open wound will still have a bad time when they swim in an untreated pool.

This shows up in having an itchy skin when you are swimming or after you swim.

When some people usually ask can swimming pool cause itchy skin after they feel uncomfortable when they are out of the pool, the water in the pool can cause this.

When the water in the pool is clean and well treated, you will have a comfortable swimming time.

But if the water in the pool is not well treated and filled with germs, you will have a bad experience.

One of the ways in which this will show up is that you will have an itchy skin when you swim.

That is why you have to avoid swimming in a dirty or untreated pool.

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