How To Fix Torn Snowmobile Lug

Driving a snowmobile is a great fun activity to engage in during leisure or in a competition.

But after some time of usage, you will need to fix torn snowmobile lug.

You can repair a torn snowmobile lug by using a glue to hold the damaged lug firmly to the track. 

A good lug helps the snowmobile track to really perform well.

If the lug is bad, it will reduce the optimal use of the snowmobile.

So always keep your snowmobile lug in good working condition.

This guide will show you how to repair a torn snowmobile lug.

What Causes a Torn Snowmobile Lug

repair torn snowmobile lug

Snowmobile lugs do not just get damaged easily, it is as a result of strenuous activities people use a snowmobile for.

If the damaged lug is not repaired on time, it may also affect the snowmobile track too.

Some of the causes of a damaged lug include;

1) Not Fixing Minor Lug Faults On Time

Most times, people are carefree in checking the working condition of their snowmobile components.

It is in checks like this that a small crack in a lug can be seen.

With that, it can be fixed on time to prevent the lug from sustaining a critical damage.

That will help prevent having a torn snowmobile lug.

But if you ignore the crack on the snowmobile, it will develop into a more critical fault.

When this happens, the lug tears off from the snowmobile track.

This also opens the snowmobile track fiber to damage when the lug tears off.

So always make sure that you repair torn snowmobile lug early when signs of wear and tear appears.

2) Poor Quality Of Lug

Before you buy a snowmobile, always make sure that you inspect the quality of the track and lug.

This is also applicable when you want to buy a new track for your snowmobile.

Using a poor quality lug will affect the optimal performance of your snowmobile.

Also, it affects the safety and lifespan of the track on your snowmobile.

So always make sure that you purchase a good track for use.

3) Driving Snowmobile In a Very Rough Terrain

Driving in a terrain that is too rough can also damage your lug.

When you drive your snowmobile in a terrain that is rough, it puts more pressure on your snowmobile lug.

This causes a lot of wear and tear to develop on the lug.

So make sure that you do not drive your snowmobile in a terrain that is too rough.

How To Fix a Torn SnowMobile Lug

Having a bad lug can be very frustrating especially when you want to drive your snowmobile in a leisure time.

Most people may still try to use them in the bad condition which is dangerous.

To safe your snowmobile track from damage, make sure that you fix torn snowmobile lug.

This will be shown in the steps below.

Step 1: Buy a Good Glue

In the course of this repair, we are going to make use of a glue to repair the torn lug on the track of the snowmobile.

It is very important to use a good glue for this task.

This will hold the bad lug well and avoid it from tearing easily when the snowmobile is being used.

Step 2: Keep The Snowmobile Track Horizontally

fix torn snowmobile lug

Before you apply a glue to repair a damaged snowmobile lug, make sure that you keep the snowmobile in an horizontal way.

This will prevent the glue from sliding off when you apply it.

You can make use of a simple jack to raise your snowmobile.

Step 3: Clean The Torn Snowmobile Lug

repair torn snowmobile lug

Before you apply a glue over the damaged surface of a snowmobile lug, make sure that you clean the surface well.

This will help in making the glue stick well to the surface of the track.

But make sure that you use a good material to clean the surface you want to apply the glue on.

Do not use a material that is wet with water or oil to clean the surface.

Make sure that you use a dry material to clean the surface.

Step 4: Apply a Glue Over The Affected Surface.

fix torn snowmobile lug

After you have successfully cleaned the worn out area well, you can apply the glue.

In applying the glue, do not use your hand as glues are dangerous to the skin.

Make sure that you use a small object to apply the glue.

If the torn lug is still attached to the track, apply pressure by holding the glued lug together so that it binds well.

fix snowmobile lug

But if the lug has ripped off from the surface of the track apply the glue over the exposed area to protect the fiber of the snowmobile track.

After applying the glue, spread it across the entire area and let it dry.

Step 5: Allow The Glue To Dry Before Using The Snowmobile Again

After you apply the glue to fix torn snowmobile lug, allow it to dry well.

Most people drive off the snowmobile immediately after applying the glue.

This is a very wrong practice.

You have to allow the snowmobile to dry well before you drive the snowmobile again.

This will make the repaired torn lug to last longer.

Benefits Of Repairing a Torn Snowmobile Lug

1) It Protects The Snowmobile Track

Lugs are attached to the track of a snowmobile.

This gives the lug and track a mutual protection or damage.

When you repair a bad lug, it helps increase the lifespan of a track used on a snowmobile.

But if the lug is damaged, it will also affect the lifespan of the snowmobile track.

This is because when a lug rips off, it exposes the fiber of the snowmobile track and this leads to the damage of the track in the nearest future.

2) It Makes The Snowmobile More Safe

fix snowmobile lug

When you protect a snowmobile lug from damage, you are also prolonging the life span of the track too.

A good track contributes to the safety of a snowmobile.

So always try and make sure that you keep your snowmobile lug in a safe condition.

Consequences Of a Torn Snowmobile Lug

1) It Causes Damage To The Snowmobile Track

When a snowmobile lug is damaged, it poses a direct danger and damage to the track on the snowmobile.

This is because a torn snowmobile lug will expose the fiber of the track.

When this happens, the track on the snowmobile begins to damage too.

The damage of the snowmobile track will also lead to the damage of other components of the snowmobile.

2) A Torn Lug Makes The Snow Mobile Lees Safe

Due to the damage that is caused to the track when the lug on a snowmobile is torn, damages will also develop in other parts of the snowmobile.

This directly affects the safety of the snowmobile.

3) It Leads To An Accident

Accidents occur most times when a  driver is carefree.

This mostly occurs when they drink and drive.

But most of the times, you can obey all the traffic rules, avoid alcoholic drinks but still have an accident.

Such is always caused by a faulty part in a snowmobile.

That is why you need to make sure that you fix torn snowmobile lug before they cause more damages to your snowmobile.

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