How To Replace Snowmobile Track That Is Damaged Or Needs Change

Driving a snowmobile can be a great way to catch fun but the fun moments reduce when the track gets damaged.

This is a clear evidence when a snowmobile accident most likely will occur due to a bad track

That is why you need to know how to replace snowmobile track when the need arises.

To change a snowmobile track requires technical skill and the right tools to replace the damaged track successfully.

Also you need to make sure that you choose the right track size for replacement to make sure you get the best out of your driving time.

When Should a Snowmobile track be replaced.

A snowmobile track should be replaced when it is bad.

Most of the times, people make the mistake of waiting for a bad snowmobile to reach 5,000 miles and above before replacing the track of the snowmobile.

But the most important signs you need to replace snowmobile track has to do with the physical condition of the track.

If the track is good, you can still make use of it.

But if the track is in a bad condition, irrespective of the mileage of the snowmobile, you need to replace it.

This will help in preventing damage to other parts of the snowmobile.

You also enjoy safety when you drive the snowmobile.

How To Replace Snowmobile Track

Step 1: Lift The Rear Of The Snowmobile

Before you lose any bolt on the snowmobile, you have to make sure that you lift the rear of the snowmobile.

Doing this will make the track to be free from the ground and give you enough space to loosen the bolts.

Step 2: Remove The Exhaust

After you are done with lifting the rear of the snowmobile, it is time to get your loosening tools to work.

The first part to be loosened is the exhaust.

Make sure you use the right tools to avoid wearing off the bolts.

Step 3: Remove The Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

After you have removed the exhaust from the snowmobile, remove the exhaust gas temperature sensor.

This will free up space to remove other parts.

Step 4: Remove The Battery Holder

After you might have removed the exhaust gas temperature, you need to remove the next component.

This is the battery holder that holds the snowmobile batter.

Remove the bolts that hold it and take it off.

Step 5 Remove Chaincase Cover And Chaincase

Here, you are going to remove the chaincase.

But before you remove the chaincase, make sure that you remove the chaincase cover first.

This will give access to the chaincase.

After the chaincase cover is removed, you can then proceed to remove the chaincase.

Step 6: Remove Secondary Clutch

After the chaincase has been removed, go ahead and remove the secondary clutch from the snowmobile.

Be careful in all the steps to make sure that no parts are damaged.

Also for lubricated parts, make sure that you keep them far from contact with sand.

Step 7: Remove The Rear Bolts

The next step on how to replace snowmobile track is to remove the bolts that hold the track on the rear.

In order to do this the right way, make sure that the snowmobile track system is supported before you loose the rear bolts.

This will prevent damage of the snowmobile track system due to fall off.

Step 8: Remove Drive Axle

In this step, you are going to remove the drive axle from the snowmobile.

This is going to free the snowmobile track completely and help you remove it easily.

But you have to be careful here.

 To remove the drive axle, push it away from the bearing and when it is free, slowly slide it downward to remove it.

Step 9: Remove The Track

Now that you have successfully removed the drive axle from the snowmobile, the track should now be free to remove.

So gently remove the old and torn track from the drive axle of the snowmobile.

Step 10: Put The New Snowmobile Track

Now that you have removed the torn track from the snowmobile, it is time for the new snowmobile track to have a new home.

So fix the new snowmobile track account the drive axle and position the drive axle in the right position.

Step 11: Fix All The Removed Parts Back

After you have successfully removed the old track that was damaged and fixed a new one, it is time to put the other parts back in place.

Make sure that you lubricate all moving parts well before putting them back into their various positions.

Also make sure that you check the chaincase oil too.

Make sure that is still good by gauging it to see the quality.

If the oil is due for change, make sure that you change it immediately before you couple back the snowmobile.

Step 12: Perform a Test Drive

After you are done coupling all the parts back into its position, make sure that you test the snowmobile.

Perform the test by driving slowly so that the moving parts can be well lubricated before speeding.

Pay attention to the sound to make sure that it is performing optimally.

Can I Use a Different Track Length When I Change Snowmobile Track

Yes you can use a different track length when you change snowmobile track.

Most of the times, a particular driving style may be boring and you want to ramp up some adrenaline when you drive your snowmobile.

This will require you to change the type of track that you use.

This will help you perform the functions that you need well.

Are All Snowmobile Tracks Universal

All snowmobile tracks are not the same.

They all come in different sizes.

Each of the sizes has its own advantage that it performs.

But you can always fit it in other snowmobiles if you have the need for it.

So before you purchase a replacement for your snowmobile track, you have to purchase the type that suits your pattern of driving.

Why Do Snowmobile Tracks Break

Tracks on a snowmobile are built to last a long time.

But due to some circumstances, the may start failing earlier than the warranty period given by the manufacturer.

Some of the causes why snowmobile tracks break include;

1) Unrepaired Lugs That Are Torn

One of the easy causes of the failure of a track on a snowmobile comes from the damage of lugs.

When one lug gets damaged, it poses a lesser risk to the safety of the snowmobile track.

But when more lugs get torn consecutively, the safety of the snowmobile is greatly reduced.

This is because when a lug is damaged, it exposes the fiber of the snowmobile track.

Due to this, the strength of the snowmobile is weakened.

As you keep driving without repairing the torn lugs on the track of the snowmobile, the greater the damages caused to the tracks.

But when you always repair a bad lug, the longevity of the snowmobile is increased.

This saves the snowmobile track from damage.

2) Lack Of Routine Snowmobile Check And Inspection

One of the ways of ensuring that your snowmobile performs optimally is by always carrying out  a frequent routine check.

This is also applicable to the snowmobile tracks.

When this is done, you will be able to spot some of the faults on the snowmobile track easily.

This will help you to easily solve the issue on time.

This could be a damage on the lug of the snowmobile or a damage on the track itself.

But the thing is that when you spot these damages early, you have to make sure that you fix it also.

This will help in saving the tracks from early damage.

Can I Change My Snowmobile Track That Is Damaged

Yes you can change a snowmobile track that is damaged.

But the thing is that you must have the needed skills so as to change your snowmobile track correctly.

Also, you need to have the necessary tools needed to replace snowmobile track without causing damage.

If you have limited skills about how to go about it, you can contact a professional that has the skills and equipment to change the track for you.

How Long Does It Take To Replace Snowmobile Track

The time needed to replace snowmobile track is dependent majorly on three things.

1) Right Size Of Snowmobile Track Used

Replacing a snowmobile track means it should be able to function well after you are done with the process.

But choosing the right size of the track is very important.

If you choose the right size of the track, you will be able to finish the replacement at once.

But if you buy the wrong size of track, it will need you to repeat the process.

This leads to a waste of time when you want to replace the track of your snowmobile.

So always make sure that you buy the right size when you want to change your snowmobile track to make the process fast.

2) Level Of Experience In Replacing Snowmobile Tracks

Another thing that determines how fast you can change the track on your snowmobile is how experienced you are with snowmobile maintenance.

For someone who is a professional with repairing a snowmobile, it will take less than an hour to make the change.

But for someone that is a novice, it will take a longer period of time to change the tracks successfully.

So before you try to replace your snowmobile track, make sure you have an experience on how it is done.

This will make the process fast.

Also it will protect your snowmobile from damage as a novice might cause some harm to the snowmobile in the process of changing the snowmobile tracks.

How Much Does a New Snowmobile Track Cost

The cost of a new snowmobile track is not the same across all snowmobile tracks.

It is different from snowmobile to snowmobile.

To get the exact cost of a new snowmobile track, you have to contact your dealer for the current price.

Is It Hard To Change Snowmobile Track

It is not really hard to change your snowmobile track.

But the ease of carrying it out depends on the level of technical knowledge that you have about snowmobiles.

The higher the skills you have, the lower the time it will take for you to successfully put a new track on your snowmobile.

What Is The Cost Of Replacing a Snowmobile Track

The cost of replacing a snowmobile track can be factored into two cost.

1) Cost Of a Snowmobile Track

This is the cost that you have to pay for the snowmobile track replacement that you are going to use on your snowmobile.

To get the accurate cost, you should check a dealer.

Make sure that you buy a durable one to avoid early damage.

But after you might have purchased the new track, it will not just put itself on your snowmobile.

You will need an expert to do it for you.

This is where the second cost comes in.

2) Service Cost Of Changing Snowmobile Track

After you might have bought a track for replacement on your snowmobile, it needs to be fitted into your snowmobile.

To do this, you need to hire the services of a professional who knows how to replace a snowmobile track to a new one.

This will also come at a cost.

So the cost of replacing snowmobile track is a combination of cost of buying a new snowmobile track and the service cost of fixing the track on the snowmobile.

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