Can I Use a Climbing Helmet For Kayaking

A lot of people involved in many sports usually ask questions like can i use a climbing helmet for kayaking.

This is usually to avoid buying too many helmets.

But the answer is no.

You should not use a climbing helmet for kayaking because kayaking and climbing are different sports exposed to different types of casualties which also affects how their helmets are produced to provide safety from these different casualties.

This is because the two types of helmet have different intensity of impact when faced with obstacles as tested before being produced.

This leads to the variation in the safety functions it carries as climbing helmets are more reinforced for obstacles like rock falls on top of the helmet as compared to that of a kayak.

Why You Should Not Use a Climbing Helmet For Kayaking

1) Different Testing Environment

One of the things that is being done before any helmet is produced for use is testing.

In the testing phase of the helmet, so many conditions will be considered.

These are the things that will be used when the helmet undergoes a test.

To make sure that this test is accurate and effective, the environment where the helmet will be used is also put into consideration.

When it comes to the testing of a climbing helmet, it is totally different from the testing environment of a kayak helmet.

The testing environment of a kayak helmet will have a lot to do with how the helmet will perform in water.

This is because the majority of times a kayak helmet will be rightly used will be in an aquatic environment.

In the aquatic environment, the kayak helmet is exposed to more dangerous terrains like the whitewater kayaking.

When casualties occur in such a terrain, it is always very dangerous.

The person wearing the kayak helmet will be subjected to a lot of collisions due to the nature of the water.

But when it comes to the climbing helmet, the impact is not usually too much.

When a casualty occurs during whitewater kayaking, the water usually moves the victim about.

In such movements, the victim may collide a lot of times on different obstacles like rocks.

The kayak helmet is made to function well and protect the head of the person from damage.

This is why the kayak has more protective extension that covers more portion of the forehead and the back side of the neck.

2) Areas Of Coverage

When you look at most of the helmet made for climbing and the helmets made for kayaking, you will be able to spot some differences.

Some of the differences that you are going to be able to spot out has to do with the areas in which each of these helmets cover.

The kayak helmet is always seen covering more parts than what the climbing helmet covers.

With the use of a climbing helmet, majority of the parts in which the helmet is made to bring protection to is usually the top of the helmet.

This is to help provide protection from the effect of a rock fall which is usually common when you are climbing.

But when it comes to that of the kayak helmet, the areas of coverage are always more.

Kayak helmets will have more protection for the face.

This is why kayak helmets cover a greater portion of the face when compared to other helmets.

Also the kayak helmet provides more coverage for the ear too.

It also has a greater extension that covers a greater portion of the back of the neck.

3) Casualties Exposed To

When it comes to the type of casualties that a person making use of a kayak is exposed to, it is usually different from the type of damage another person who engages in climbing is exposed to.

These variations of possible casualties are also considered when the helmets are produced.

In some of the casualties that a kayaker is exposed to especially when a flip over occurs in a turbulent water, it is usually worse than what a person that is climbing experiences.

The helmet is then manufactured to make sure that it provides the needed protection in case such a casualty occurs.

This is why helmet choice is very important when engaging in any sport.

Choosing a wrong one will not help in times of casualties.

But when you choose the right one, you will be protected when a casualty occurs.

That is why when someone ask you can I use a climbing helmet for kayaking, you should advise them to get a kayak helmet for their optimum safety when they are kayaking.

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