Can a Swimming Pool Make You Sick

Swimming in a pool can be really great but can a swimming pool make you sick?

Yes a swimming pool can get you sick if you swim in an untreated and dirty pool.

That is why you have to be on the look out anytime you want to swim.

Some of the things you should look out for in a pool before you swim in it is the hygienic condition of the pool.

When a pool is in a great hygienic condition, you will enjoy your swimming time.

Apart from enjoying your swimming time in an hygienic pool, you will rarely contact sickness while swimming.

How Can a Swimming Pool Make You Sick

1) When The Pool Is Dirty

Maintaining a pool requires a lot of things to be done in order to keep the pool in an hygienic condition.

This includes task like scrubbing the walls of the swimming pool.

It also includes the changing of the water in the swimming pool at the right time.

All these task are being performed to make sure that the pool is clean and safe for use.

This helps in eliminating the chances of someone getting sick when they swim.

But when the swimming pool is dirty, then the chances of a swimmer falling sick when swimming is very high.

This is because a dirty pool negatively affects the hygiene of the pool.

This translates to sickness to a swimmer that makes use of the pool.

That is why it is very important to always keep the swimming pool clean at all times.

This helps in eliminating the chances of someone falling sick when swimming in the pool.

2) When The Pool Is Over Chlorinated

To make sure that the water of a pool is safe from micro organisms, it is very important to make sure that the water is treated.

There are various ways of doing this.

One of the most common methods that is being used is the use of a chemical substance to treat the water in the pool.

The common chemical that is being used is chlorine in most of the cases.

But in making use of chlorine to treat a pool, it must be used in an optimum volume.

This will help kill the germs in the water.

Apart from killing the germs in the water, an optimal volume of chlorine in a pool water will also make the water safe for swimming.

But when the volume of chlorine used to treat the pool water is in excess, this will negatively affect the person in the pool.

An over chlorinated water will often make the person swimming in the pool to be sick or infected.

One of the ways in which this will show up is when the swimmer has itchy skin due to a high level of chlorine in the pool water.

That is why it is important to make use of the right volume of chlorine anytime you are treating a pool water.

3) When You Have An Open Wound

One of the things you have to make sure you avoid when you are swimming is making use of an open wound to swim.

This is very bad and should be avoided.

It is bad for the person with the open wound.

It is also dangerous for the people that are also swimming in the pool.

This is because if the wound is infected, it can also infect another swimmer that comes in contact with the wounded swimmer.

That is why an open wound should be allowed to heal well before swimming.

If the wound is minor, you can cover it well to avoid contact with the pool water.

This is because the pool water is filled with a lot of chemicals that can affect the wound.

It is even worse when the water in the pool is dirty or infected with germs.

This will worsen the condition of the open wound that you have on your body.

This is one of the ways in which a swimming pool can make you sick when swimming.

4) When Pool Contains Micro Organisms

All the pools are never the same.

Some of the pools are well treated and are free from micro organisms.

But when it comes to other swimming pools, the reverse is the case.

While some swimming pools might contain a clean water, this does not in any way mean that they are totally safe.

This is because a pool can be clean but the source of the water has micro organisms.

This micro organisms is also transferred from the source of the water to the swimming pool when the water is being pumped in.

This can easily make a swimmer sick while swimming when the pool is heavily infected with micro organisms.

That is why prompt and proper treatment of a pool water is very important.

5) Leaves On Surface or Bottom Of Pool

Apart from the swimming pool being dirty due to a water that is long overdue for a change, it can still be dirty in other ways even if the water was recently changed.

This is when the pool has some leaves floating on the surface of the pool.

In most of the cases, the leaves is also seen at the bottom of the pool.

This bring down the hygienic level of the swimming pool.

This is because when the leaves fall inside the pool, most of the leaves also fall with some harmful insects still attached to the leaves.

This leads to the introduction of these harmful insects into the water of the pool.

If someone is still in the water, the insect can easily bite or stink the person in the pool.

This transfers the poison from the insect into the body of the swimmer.

This is one of the ways in which swimming can make you sick.

To avoid bad scenarios like this, the pool has to be free from leaves.

Apart from an insect coming into a swimming pool through the leave on the pool, the fluid from the leaves is also harmful to the skin.

When a leave falls freshly from a tree into a pool, it will still contain the fluid from the detached joint.

When such fluids from the leaves come in contact with the body of a swimmer in the pool, it can cause an itching of the skin.


When you come across questions like can a swimming pool make you sick, you have to know that there is a possibility that it can.

This depends on several conditions that have been discussed in this guide.

It includes conditions like swimming with an open wound, swimming in a pool that is over chlorinated or filled with untreated water that contains micro organisms.

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