Why Are Inflatable Boats So Expensive

Due to the price of some standard boats like the fiberglass boats, a lot of people with low budget usually go for an inflatable boat.

But the price of some will leave you asking questions like why are inflatable boats so expensive.

The reason why inflatable boats are so expensive is because of the brand, the quality of the boat, accessories attached to the boat and the shipping fee if you are far from where it is sold.

But the thing is that it is not all the boats that are inflatable that have the big price tag on them.

It is usually the ones with the exceptional class of quality that bear the big price tag.

You can still get the budget ones for use in your leisure time without spending too much.

In this guide, you will learn why some of the inflatable boats cost a fortune to own.

Why Are Inflatable Boats So Expensive To Buy

1) The Brand

In every sector of production, there is always a particular brand that always stands out when it comes to the price tag of their products.

This usually gives some people a type of don’t go there kind of feeling when their brand names are mentioned.

Such an example of this is Rolls Royce when it comes to the car industry.

No matter the type of car that they produce, one of the common things that is always consistent with them is that their cars are always so expensive.

But the price tag is always matched with a state of the art features that the car comes with.

This does not just happen in the car industry only.

It also occurs in the boat industry also.

In buying boats like the inflatable ones, one of the things that you will notice is a hefty price when you come across some inflatable boats.

 This is one of the reasons why some inflatable boats are always so expensive.

If the price is way beyond your budget, you can look at some other brands that have reliable inflatable boats with a good budget price.

2) Quality Of The Inflatable Boat

Buying an inflatable boat is one thing.

Another thing is the durability of the inflatable boat that you may be enticed to buy due to the cheap price tag it carries.

One thing you must always prioritize first should be the quality of the boat.

This has to do with the quality of the material that is used in making the inflatable boat.

But this is in no way saying you should go and splash thousands of dollars on an inflatable boat when there are lots of good ones below $500.

The emphasis is that you should always make sure that no matter the price range of the boat, you should always choose the one with a good quality.

This is very important as it will help overcome some of the problems that low quality inflatable boats commonly have.

Such problems include deflating or losing air pressure too quickly after being inflated.

Such boats are not usually suitable for long usage time on the water.

If at all you want to stay long on the water, you will always need to carry your boat pump along.

Who wants to spend time pumping a boat when there are friends on the boat to enjoy the leisure time with?

That is why you have to make sure that you avoid inflatable boats that are lesser in quality.

To be on the safe side, make sure that you are buying an inflatable boat with a good build quality.

3) Accessories The Boat Comes With

Another thing that makes people ask why are inflatable boats so expensive has to do with the accessories needed to use the boat effectively.

When purchasing a boat that is inflatable, it will not just be useful like that alone.

You will need some accessories in order to be able to use the boat effectively.

Buying just the inflatable boat alone will be less in price when compared to the price of the boat with all the necessary accessories.

You can go ahead and purchase the boat without the accessories if you have all the accessories already.

But if you do not have them, you will have to spend some cash in order to purchase the accessories.

This adds up to the price of the boat.

Some of the major accessories that you will need to have in order to use the boat include a life jacket, a manual or electric pump to inflate the boat and a boat paddle.

These are the accessories you cannot do without if you are to use your inflatable boat effectively.

4) Shipping Fee

The distance between your location and that of the dealer you want to buy the inflatable boat from has a major role to play on how much you will spend in order to buy an inflatable boat.

If the distance is close like a few minutes’ drive, you will have to spend little to nothing in shipping fee.

That is because you can just drive to the dealer’s location and make the purchase without having to pay for a shipping fee.

But if the distance between you and the dealer is far, a shipping fee will be charged and you will be the person to bear the cost.

This adds up to the cost of the boat.

In some places, you may end up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars in just the shipping fee.

This only makes the cost of purchasing the inflatable boat higher.


Inflatable boats are always a great substitute when you do not want to spend too much on expensive boats or a yacht.

But you must always make sure that the quality of the inflatable boat that you are buying is a good one.

This is to make sure that you avoid having casualties when you make use of them as much as you can.

When you buy the boat, you will also need to purchase some accessories like the paddles and life jacket.

It is at points like this that people may ask why are inflatable boats so expensive.

But you still have to buy them so that you will enjoy your inflatable boat well.

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