What To Do If You Lost Boat Key To Ignition

What to do if you lost boat key is a very crucial task when your boat ignition key is missing.

At such point, a lot will be going through your mind.

But when you understand the correct steps to take, it will make things a lot easier.

It will also save your boat from theft when you take decisions in the right way.

This guide will enlighten you on the right steps to take when you are in such a situation.

What To Do If You Lost Boat Ignition Key

1) Make Sure That The Boat Is Secured

Immediately you discover that you have lost the key to the ignition of your boat, the first thing to do is to make sure the boat is safe.

Most of the times from experience, there are always thieves onboard a boat.

Any little mistake from the boat operator, the key of the boat gets stolen.

At such point, the boat operator’s mind may be thinking of a lot of things.

This might even cause them to get out of the boat before securing the boat.

At such a point, the boat gets insecure.

If the person that stole the key is still onboard, a boat theft is close.

So when you discover that your boat key is missing, make sure that you secure the boat well.

This can be done when you;

  • Anchor boat well
  • Turn off fuel supply
  • Deactivating features that will make the boat move
  • Disable boat battery
  • Alert the security in the boatyard

Once this is done, the security of the boat is optimal.

This is because some of the incident of lost key to boat ignition is always a result of theft in the boat.

Once the boat operator is out to search other places he thinks the key might be in, the thief moves with the boat.

That is why you should make sure you secure the boat first before any other action can be taken.

This is a very important action on what to do if you lost boat key.

2) Search The Boat Deck Thoroughly

Some of the time when you cannot find your boat key, search the deck thoroughly.

In some of the cases, it is always found on the deck.

If there are other items on the deck, make sure that you lift them and search for the key well.

If you do not find it on the deck, then you can proceed to search for it on other locations of the boat.

3) Check Other Locks

Another step to take on what to do if you lost boat ignition key is to check other locks in the boat.

In a bit to make sure that the keys to all locks on a boat is easy to move with, some people store them together.

This is usually done with the help of a key holder.

This helps hold all the keys together.

It also makes it easy to find them as it is easy to find a bunch of keys than a single key.

But the problem comes when you use it on one lock and forget to remove it.

This will render other parts of the boat inaccessible.

This includes the ignition of the boat.

If you are the type that puts all keys together, make sure you check other locks when you have lost boat ignition key.

It might just be in a key bunch that is inside another lock on the boat you forgot to remove.

4) Check Previous Places You Have Been To

A lot of times, your lost boat key is never far from you.

That is why it is good to check the places you used recently.

Some of the times it could be in the cafeteria you went to eat before proceeding to drive the boat.

Or it could just be on a chair you used outside your boat.

So when you discover that you cannot find your boat ignition key, make sure that you check the last places you were.

It will help you speed up the process of locating your lost key.

5) Check For The Spare Key

Some of the times after a lot of search for your missing boat key, you might still not find it.

In such a case you must switch to the next option.

The next option is mostly making use of the spare key to the ignition of the boat.

The spare key is just a replica of the key that was lost.

So if you still have any in your storage, make use of them when you discover that your boat key is missing.

This will atleast give you the access to drive your boat when you are in an emergency.

6) Contact Your Boat Dealer

Most of the times, people make the mistake of not having a spare key to their boat ignition.

This is a very bad thing to do.

In times of emergency where you lose the key to your boat, it can be very devastating.

But with the presence of your spare key, the damages can be reduced.

But if you lose your boat ignition key and do not have a spare, you should try to replace it.

This is securely done by contacting your boat dealer or company.

You will also include the details of your engine for them to get you another key that will work.

This usually takes a long period of time especially when you are in other countries far from your dealer.

7) Replace The Boat Ignition Switch

One of the best decisions to take on what to do if you lost boat ignition key is to replace the ignition switch totally.

When the key of your boat is missing, it could be a case of it being in the custody of a thief.

At any slightest opportunity the thief gets, your boat might be stolen.

This occurs when you use a spare key that is a replica of the key you lost.

This still makes the lost key fully functional in the ignition of your boat.

But to increase the safety of your boat when you lose a key, you can just change the ignition switch totally.

With this, you will get a new key that is totally different from the one you lost.

If the thief comes back to try the stolen key on the new ignition key switch, the key will be useless.

With this, you have just increased the security of your boat after you have lost boat ignition key.

Effects Of a Lost Boat Key

1) It Makes The Boat Vulnerable To Attack

When the ignition key of your boat is lost, your boat is exposed to  danger if you do not take the right decisions fast.

That is why you must make sure you secure your boat first anytime you discover that your boat key is missing.

This is done through actions like proper anchorage and alert of boatyard security of your lost boat key.

This must be done before you leave the boat location to check for the key in the last places you were.

If at all the thief is still around your boat, it will be hard for them to steal your boat.

2) It Leads To Delay In Boating Journey

Nothing is more annoying than getting set for a journey and the boat operator just calls the attention of the passengers of a possible delay.

Most of the times it is always due to a faulty part that was not noticed on time.

This is always thanks to the help of a pre-departure check list.

But in rare occasions, it might be that the key of the boat ignition is no where to be found.

As a result of that, a delay sets in.

3) It Leads To Loss Of Revenue

When passengers aboard a boat to travel, they want to get to their destination without any form of delay.

But this is not possible most of the times if the boat they boarded has an issue like a lost boat ignition key.

Some passengers might be patient and considerate till the boat operator finds the key.

Others might not be that patient when it gets too long.

Due to this, the passengers will have to use another boat.

As a result of that, the boat company or operator loses the passengers to a competitor if they do not have another boat.

This causes a loss of revenue to the company which is bad for business.

So always make sure that you keep your boat keys in a very safe manner.


Knowing what to do if you lost boat key will help you avoid extended casualties when you lose the key of your boat.

These have been taught in this guide.

Do not just learn them but make sure you apply the steps to help avoid loss of boat key.

Have a nice boating time.

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