Should I Swim Or Run To Lose Weight

Adding an excessive magnitude weight is never anybody’s intention.

When this happens, the closest thought is always a way on how to shave off some of the excess fat.

This leads to use of sports like swimming or running to lose weight.

Before you swim or run to lose weight, you have to consider how fast you want to lose weight, your budget and also your health history before you choose the best one.

But you can still combine both of them to get a greater level of result.

When it comes to swimming, there are a lot of limitations that you may face if you want to lose weight through swimming.

This cuts across things like your level of experience with swimming and your budget as you will be paying to use a pool if you do not have one in your house.

But when it comes to running, the limitations are very few because you do not have to be on a rigorous budget to lose weight through running.

With your running clothe and shoe, you are good to go.

In this guide, you will learn if you should swim or run to lose weight.

What To Consider Before Swimming Or Running To Lose Weight

1) Your Level Of Swimming Experience

Losing weight through swimming might sound like a very interesting thing to a lot of people.

But this does not just happen like that.

To lose weight with the help of swimming, you have to know how to swim effectively.

This is what will help burn the excess fat and not just turning in the water in one place.

But to be able to swim effectively, you have to know how to swim.

This is not something you can just enter the swimming pool and start doing as a novice.

It requires good level of experience in swimming.

If you are someone that is experienced with how to swim, you can easily swim to lose weight.

But if you are a novice and inexperienced when it comes to swimming, I advice you avoid this path.

This is because swimming to lose weight is very risky for someone that does not know how to swim.

In order to still lose weight as a person that cannot swim, you have to switch to running.

Running to lose weight is something that requires no level of experience like swimming does.

As far as you have two functional legs, you can run anytime.

That is why it is one of the easiest ways in which you can lose weight very fast.

So if you are inexperienced in swimming, you have to switch to running if you want to lose weight.

2) How Fast You Want To Lose Weight

When considering if you should swim or run to lose weight, another thing you have to consider is the time interval you want to see results.

If you want to burn that fat fast, it is going to need a more rigorous sport.

This is where running comes in very well.

With swimming, you will be able to lose weight.

But this is going to occur at a much slower rate as compared to when you are running.

Running is a rigorous exercise when done the right way to lose weight.

This will help you burn the fat in your body very fast.

Due to this, you will be able to lose weight faster when compared to swimming.

3) Your Budget

Having a great body shape might be very simple when you think of it.

But the thing is that it comes at a cost irrespective of the type of sport that you choose.

But the thing is that some sports will be more expensive to engage in for weight loss while others will be more cheaper and cost effective.

When you want to lose weight by swimming, you will have to spend more money in the process.

That is because you will be making use of a swimming pool to achieve this.

In a swimming pool, you will have to pay every time you make use of the pool.

But this is not so when it comes to running to lose weight.

When running to lose weight, you can run anywhere you have ample space without making any payment.

The only time you may have to spend some funds is when you want to get your running gears like the running shoe.

In this case, you can even make use of one of your sporty canvas that fits well to help save cost.

But when it comes to swimming, you cannot avoid the pool cost.

But with running, you can even start and finish the weight loss routine without spending a dime.

This is when running to lose weight is better than swimming to lose weight when you look at how much you will be spending.

4) Time Of Swimming Or Running

When you want to swim or run to lose weight, you have to consider the time you will be exercising.

This is because all sports have the time in which optimal performance can be achieved.

When it comes to swimming, it is always good in the morning time and in the evening time.

This is to avoid too much exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Exposing yourself to ultraviolet rays when you are swimming is not too good.

The pool water in which you swim is mostly chlorinated as a means of treatment.

When you are exposed to ultraviolet rays while inside a chlorinated water, it will lead to darkening of skin.

That is why it is advisable to swim when the sun rays are not too harsh.

5) Nature Of Environment

Whenever you want to engage in any sport, you have to consider the nature of the environment in which you stay in.

This is very important especially to people that are on vacation in any place.

You should be very familiar about an environment you are going out on exercise like jogging or running that will take you far.

Also when you are running to lose weight, you have to make sure that you do not run in an area that is notorious for violence.

If where you are at is not really safe for you to safely run across a long stretch, you can make use of swimming to lose weight if there is a swimming pool at where you are.

If you cannot find one, you can run around any allowed space you find.

It will still go a long way in helping you lose weight.

6) Your Health History

Before engaging in any sport, you have to make sure that you have a good knowledge of your health condition.

Being obese might be a health issue to a lot.

But in losing weight, you have to make sure that you choose a very safe method that will not affect your health negatively.

This is because some sports that help in weight loss are more rigorous than some.

To some people, their health condition can carry the stress.

But this is not the same thing for other people.

For some people, a careful selection of the sport to engage in has to be done to avoid overstressing the poorly functioning organs in the body.

If you are someone whose health history does not allow rigorous practices like long distance running to lose weight, you should go for swimming if you know how to swim.

This is in no way a final recommendation.

That should be done by your fitness instructor.

7) Societal Conditions

When it comes to swimming or running to lose weight, it can be affected by some societal conditions.

A clear example of this is seen in what happened during the spike of the covid 19 pandemic.

All contact sports were banned to avoid the spread of covid.

Some of these sports includes swimming too.

But when it comes to running, you can easily engage in it without coming in contact with anybody.

This is one of the things you have to consider when you want to swim or run to lose weight.

This will help protect you from further casualties like contacting an infection that you could have avoided.

One of the sporting places where you can easily contact an infection is when you are swimming.

When you discover that there is an outbreak of a new infection that can be contacted when swimming, you have to make sure that you avoid swimming.

To lose weight in such times, you can decide to run.

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