How To Protect Boat Fuel Pump From Failure

If you want to enjoy your boat rides, one of the boat components that will help you achieve that is the boat fuel pump.

That is why it is very important to know how to protect boat fuel pump from damage.

To prevent boat fuel pump from damage, you must use a good boat fuel and also use the right fuel pump capacity for your boat.

With this, you will be able to prolong the lifespan of the fuel pump on your boat outboard motor.

Apart from prolonging the lifespan of the fuel pump, it will keep your boat in optimum performance.

How To Protect Boat Fuel Pump From Failure

1) Use a Good Fuel

When it comes to having a great performance from the mechanical components of your boat, a good fuel is a priority.

Running your boat engine with a good fuel will not just help your engine perform well, it comes with other benefits too.

This includes benefits like protecting boat fuel pump from damage.

One of the fastest ways in which a fuel pump gets damaged has to do with using a contaminated fuel.

A contaminated fuel has a lot of features.

It may contain dissolved solutes in it which will eventually block the filter in the boat fuel pump.

A contaminated fuel may also contain water in it which is also bad for the performance of a fuel pump and engine.

When a bad fuel is used in a prolonged time, it will result in damaging the fuel pump on a boat.

To protect boat fuel pump from damage, you must make sure that you avoid using a fuel that is bad.

This will save your fuel pump and engine from damage.

2) Use The Correct Fuel Pump Capacity

Every engine in different boat models are not the same.

They come in different capacity.

This is due to the function and level of performance they are made for.

This is the same thing that also applies when it comes to the usage of a fuel pump in a boat.

They are not always the same.

You cannot use the fuel pump in a 2hp boat engine on a 150hp boat engine.

It will die off quickly.

This is because the fuel supply needed to optimally run the 150hp engine is higher than the capacity a 2hp engine fuel pump can discharge.

Due to this, the fuel pump works at a higher rate which leads to its failure.

That is why you must always make sure that you use the correct boat fuel pump at all times.

This will save the fuel pump from damage as well as help the boat engine perform well.

3) Conduct Routine Maintenance On Fuel Pump

Once in a while you must make sure that you conduct some maintenance on the components of your boat.

This is very important especially for the mechanical parts.

Also this maintenance should be extended to other boat parts like the boat fuel pump.

At the point of maintenance is when you will get to discover some of the faults that exist in the fuel pump.

It may be minor faults.

It could be major ones that will lead to the early failure of the fuel pump.

When you discover any fault, make sure that you correct it early.

Some of the things to check out for includes the fuel filter.

Most times the fuel pump filter gets filled with debris from a contaminated fuel.

Due to this, the fuel pump will not be able to function well.

To solve this, make sure that you rinse the filter in a good fuel to take off the debris before putting it back into the boat fuel tank.

This will help the fuel pump deliver the right amount of fuel at the best pressure the engine needs to perform well.

This is a great way to protect boat fuel pump from failure.

4) Maintain Optimal Fuel Level In Tank

One of the things that leads to the failure of a boat fuel pump is when it is over stressed.

This makes the fuel pump work harder than the capacity it was made for.

Due to this, the fuel pump will easily start developing faults.

To avoid this, you must make sure that you avoid stressing the boat fuel pump too much.

One of the ways in which a fuel pump in a boat is stressed is when the fuel in the boat tank is very low.

When this happens, it becomes a bit harder for the fuel pump to supply fuel to the engine at the right pressure easily.

This leads to the development of heat in the fuel pump.

Due to this, some components of the fuel pump may start to fail.

This gradually leads to the damage of the fuel pump as time goes on.

Also, when the amount of fuel in the tank of a boat gets low, the fuel pump starts getting fuel that might have some debris.

This is very common in the fuel at the bottom of the tank as residues settle at the bottom of the tank.

To prevent boat fuel pump on outboard motor from damage, you must make sure that you do not let the level of fuel in your tank run too low at any time..

5) Perform Fuel Tank Clean Up

After a prolonged period of time, you will always have some impurities in your fuel tank.

This can be in the form of dissolved solutes that rest at the bottom of the boat fuel tank.

Also it could be the presence of water in your boat fuel tank.

The presence of any of these will destroy your fuel pump any time soon.

To avoid such a bad scenario, what you have to do is to make sure that you always clean your fuel tank when a contaminant enters it.

Before you do this, make sure that you are skilled enough.

This will cut across knowledge of how to clean your fuel tank without introducing more debris into the tank.

This will help protect boat fuel pump from damage on outboard motor.

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