How To Clean An Inflatable Kayak

How to clean an inflatable kayak is one of the skills people underrate sometimes.

To wash a kayak, you have to make sure that you select the best tools for the task.

This cuts across the cleaning agent you will use, the scrub and even the surface you will keep the kayak while washing the kayak.

I see people deflate their inflatable kayak before cleaning.

If you have done this before, you will conclude that it was one of the most tedious way of cleaning your kayak.

This guide is meant to show you the best way to clean your inflatable kayak easily.

How To Clean An Inflatable Kayak The Best Way

Step 1: Take Your Kayak Out Of The Water

Before you wash your inflatable kayak from dirt, you have to end your kayaking session.

Once you are done kayaking, make sure that you take your kayak out of the water.

In taking your kayak out of the water, you have to be careful how you move the kayak once it is out of the water.

Some kayaks can be heavier for some people to carry especially the young ones.

This makes the movement of kayak done in a way that might hurt the safety and durability of the kayak most of the times.

This is when some people drag a kayak when they are moving a kayak from the water after a kayaking session.

This is not really a grave offence most of the times.

But if done wrongly, it can hurt the lifespan and safety of the kayak if it comes in contact with a sharp object while moving it.

This can cause the sharp object to put a cut on the kayak body.

In worse cases, it might pierce into the kayak and create a hole.

That is why you have to be conscious of the floor when you drag a kayak.

Step 2: Put The Kayak On a Surface Free From Dirt

Another vital step on how to clean an inflatable kayak is to make sure that you place the kayak on a surface free from dirt.

In cleaning a kayak, the goal is to remove any dirt from the kayak.

This calls for a thorough selection of a place you will keep the kayak before washing it.

Make sure that where you want to wash the kayak is free from dirt like sand or grease.

This will help you wash the kayak conveniently.

Step 3: Keep The Kayak Inflated

When you are washing an inflatable kayak, you need to keep it in the right shape.

The best shape you can keep it for a good wash is to make sure that the kayak is still inflated.

This will help reveal dirty parts easily.

Also it will make is easy and convenient for you to wash the inflated kayak well.

I sometimes see people deflate the kayak when they want to wash the inflatable kayak.

This is not proper most of the times as it will not make the washing very thorough.

Step 4: Mix a Cleaning Agent In Water

To make sure that the cleaning process of your kayak is very effective, do not use ordinary water alone.

Make sure that you add a detergent to the water.

This is because in most of the cases when you are kayaking, there are some stains your kayak attracts that cannot be cleaned with ordinary water.

To make sure that you get these types of stain off well, you have to use a detergent.

With the use of a detergent, sticky stains like grease can be removed easily.

This will give the kayak a better look after being washed as compared to if you did not use a detergent.

Also it will make your kayak smell good too when stored after drying.

Step 5: Use a Soft Scrub

Another step on how to clean an inflatable kayak is to make sure that you use a scrub when you are washing your kayak.

A good scrub with a detergent dissolved in water will help give your inflatable kayak the best wash.

But you have to be careful with the type of scrub that you choose.

A good scrub will work wonders in the cleaning process.

But a bad scrub may leave you in regrets after washing your kayak.

Make sure that you do not make use of a scrub that is too hard.

An example of this is an iron sponge.

Such type of scrub have a very hard and dangerous surface.

This can easily tear the kayak and create marks.

These marks are fault lines on the kayak which will lead the kayak to develop holes soon.

This should be avoided in order to preserve the safety of the kayak.

Make sure you use a soft scrub when washing an inflatable kayak.

Step 6: Rinse Well After Washing

After you have successfully washed your kayak, the soapy water will not be as clean as it was before you washed the kayak.

This is due to the mix of the dirt the kayak had.

To make the cleaning successful, you have to make sure that you rinse off the detergent foam with a clean water.

Rinse it well till there is no trace of dirt or soapy foam on it.

After that, you can then proceed to drying the kayak to remove the water before you take it in for storage.

Benefits Of Cleaning An Inflatable Kayak

1) It Keeps Kayak Neat

One of the best reasons people clean their kayak is to maintain a good aesthetics.

When your kayak is filled with dirt, it looks dirty.

To a lot of people that like having their kayak in a neat condition, a dirty kayak is never pleasing to their eye.

To make it look neat and free from dirt and stains, the best way is always to wash it.

But always make sure that you make use of a detergent and a soft scrub to get the best out of the washing.

2) It Helps Show Faulty Spots

One of the benefits of washing an inflatable kayak is that it helps you discover the faults on the inflatable kayak.

Having a hole in a kayak that is inflatable is one of the worst defects on an inflatable kayak.

This make you easily sink when you drive your kayak on the water.

Most holes on a kayak start as a deep scratch before they turn into a hole after an extensive use.

But the thing is that some people do not discover this on time.

If discovered on time, it can be easily sealed or patched to prevent the deep scratch from turning into a hole on the kayak.

It is always when you clean an inflatable kayak that you discover these.

Once you see any deep scratch on an inflatable kayak, make sure that you seal it quickly.

3) It Helps Improve The Safety Of Inflatable Kayak

Washing a kayak helps in preserving the lifespan of the inflatable kayak.

This is because when you wash a kayak, you will discover some of the faults it has.

In making sure that you fix the faults will help prolong the lifespan of the inflatable kayak.

Also it will help make the kayak more safe for use and avoid drowning.

Should I Clean Inflatable Kayak When Inflated Or Deflated

When you are washing an inflatable kayak,  make sure that it is inflated.

This will help you wash the kayak well.

Also when a kayak is inflated, it is easy to spot any damaged point when you are washing more easily than if it is deflated.

How Often Should I Clean Inflated Kayak

The number of times you wash a kayak depends on the condition of the kayak.

If you are using your kayak on a clean water, the frequency of washing will be low.

But if the water on which you kayak makes your kayak dirty each time you take a ride, then you will need to wash it more often.

Precautions When Cleaning An Inflatable Kayak

When you clean your kayak by washing, there are some precautions you have to follow.

This will help you clean your kayak well.

Also, it will make your kayak safe for the next ride.

Some of these precautions include;

1) Do Not Drag Inflatable Kayak On Rough Surface

When taking your kayak out of the water to wash, you have to move it to where you want to wash it.

At such point, if you cannot comfortably carry it, you may want to drag it to where you want to wash it.

If the surface is rough, it is dangerous to the safety of the kayak if you drag it.

This is because a rough surface will cause wear and tear to the surface of an inflatable kayak.

This is what leads to the development of holes in the kayak and should be avoided.

2) Use a Good Detergent

To make sure that you wash your kayak well, you have to make sure that you use a good detergent.

But in using a detergent, make sure it is not too corrosive to the designs on the inflatable kayak.

3) Use a Soft Scrub

When selecting the scrub to use when washing your kayak, make sure it is not a hard and spiky one.

Using such will develop holes in your inflatable kayak which is bad.

So make sure that you use a soft scrub to have a safe washing.

That is one of the best procedures on how to clean an inflatable kayak well.

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