Do Snowmobile Tracks Require High Maintenance

Do snowmobile tracks require high maintenance is one of the questions a lot of new snowmobile owners ask.

As you own a snowmobile longer, one of the things you will try to reduce is the amount you spend on your snowmobile maintenance.

When the amount spent on maintenance is too high, you will start losing interest in your snowmobile because no one likes visiting the mechanic too often.

Snowmobile tracks require high maintenance depending on the quality of the track you use, the number of damaged lugs on the track and your pattern of driving.

Most of the times, the frequent reason is always the quality of track you use and your driving pattern.

Snowmobile tracks are made to survive the harsh conditions they are exposed to.

But this is not true with the one that is inferior in quality.

That is why you have to drive safely and use high quality snowmobile tracks in order to reduce snowmobile track maintenance cost.

Why Do Snowmobile Tracks Require High Maintenance

1) Multiple Damaged Lugs

Most of the times a snowmobile track can last long but its lifespan is reduced by the bad lugs on the track.

The safety of the lugs on the track is as important as the safety of the snowmobile track itself.

When the lugs go bad, it also affects the overall performance and reliability of the track.

That is why it is always very important to repair minor damages on the lugs before they worsen.

A critically bad lug will also affect the track of the snowmobile when it is not repaired.

When these damages are extended to multiple lugs, the track is at a risk of total failure.

To ensure safe snowmobile  driving moments, you will need to change the track when there are multiple lugs that are bad.

This makes the snowmobile track require high maintenance cost.

2) Multiple Damaged Points On The Track

Apart from multiple damaged  lugs on a track reducing the performance of the track, damages on the track is also very bad too.

When the track of a snowmobile has a lot of damages, it will reduce the overall safety of the track.

In worse cases, the track will break while the snowmobile is moving.

This leads to very fatal accidents when such occurs.

That is why the snowmobile tracks have to be kept in great condition.

When you notice any damage on the track of a snowmobile, make sure that it is repaired.

A delay could extend the damage and make the track more damaged.

This will call for a track replacement which will cost more than it would have cost if you had repaired the bad spots on the track earlier.

3) Low Quality Snowmobile Track

If you are the type of snowmobile user that changes the tracks more often, you are really spending a huge amount on your snowmobile maintenance.

This is due to the amount spent on replacing the tracks.

One of the reasons why tracks on the snowmobile spoil easily is when you buy a low or inferior quality of snowmobile track.

Due to this, the track will develop fault and get damaged easily.

That is why you have to purchase a replacement track from a supplier that is certified by the snowmobile manufacturer.

This will really help to reduce snowmobile track maintenance cost.

4) Wrong Track On Snowmobile

Every driving pattern of the snowmobile requires a different type of lugs.

Longer lugs will help give more traction in deep snow more than the short ones.

Having knowledge on where to use each will save your snowmobile tracks from early damage.

Also, you will be able to achieve an optimum performance from your snowmobile anytime you drive.

When you make use of the right track on your snowmobile, it will also help the lugs on the track to perform well.

But when you make use of the wrong track size, the lugs on the track will easily get damaged.

Due to the damaged lugs, the damage will gradually extend to the track.

If not repaired early, this could destroy the track of the snowmobile.

5) Rough Driving

When you drive your snowmobile in a very bad way, you risk damaging the parts of your snowmobile.

One of the parts of your snowmobile that will suffer when you drive roughly is the lugs and track of your snowmobile.

This will render damage to your track and make it less safe for your snowmobile.

To make sure that you avoid casualties, one of the best solutions is to always make sure that you replace the bad track with a new one.

When this is done, it increases the cost of maintaining your snowmobile.

How To Reduce Snowmobile Track Maintenance Cost

1) Drive Carefully

Snowmobile tracks are built to survive the dangerous terrains they are exposed to.

What you should know is that it has limits at which it can really perform well due to its condition.

Most often when you drive your snowmobile carefully, the tracks will last longer than even the warranty given by the manufacturer.

But if you are a carefree driver, the tracks on your snowmobile will not last too long.

This is due to the rough pattern of driving that you use.

Driving roughly will frequently require you to repair your snowmobile track.

This makes snowmobile tracks require high maintenance.

That is why you have to make sure that you always drive carefully.

2) Repair Minor Lug Damages

When you discover minor damages on the body of your snowmobile track, you should repair it quickly.

Any delay in the repay may cause the damage to worsen.

At a worse case, the damage will require more money to put the track of the snowmobile back in a good shape.

It is always important to make sure that you repair lugs with minor damages early to avoid the damage from extending to the track.

That is why early repair is one of the best methods on how to reduce snowmobile track maintenance cost.

3) Repair Minor Track Damages

As the usage period of a snowmobile extends, the track will likely have some minor damages.

This could be small cosmetic wears.

It could also be a minor cut on the track.

When you spot these type of damages on the track of your snowmobile, you have to make sure that you repair it early.

This will help in increasing the longevity of your snowmobile track.

When the tracks are well maintained, it will help reduce the cost of snowmobile track maintenance.

4) Use The Right Track On Your Snowmobile

Not all tracks are meant for all type of drive terrains.

On some terrains, some tracks are very efficient when used but bad in other terrains.

That is why you have to carefully select the track of your snowmobile depending on the terrain that you want to use.

This will help reduce damages on your snowmobile track.

This also helps in reducing the amount of money that you spend to maintain your snowmobile.

5) Use a Good Quality Of Track

Another way on how to reduce snowmobile track maintenance cost is to make sure that you make use of the track that is of good quality.

This involves buying from a brand that is reliable in producing quality snowmobile tracks.

When the tracks of a snowmobile are of good quality, they will not get damaged easily.

Also, the tracks will help give a good performance when you drive your snowmobile.


Having a low rate when you are maintaining your snowmobile is really possible when you practice safe riding.

You must also make sure that you use the right quality of track on your snowmobile.

Also make sure that you use the right track too.

These are the things you have to consider when answering questions like do snowmobile tracks require high maintenance.

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