Who Is Responsible For Avoiding a Collision Between Two Boats

A lot of times, questions like who is responsible for avoiding a collision between two boats come up in a lot of safety test.

The captain of a boat is responsible for avoiding a collision between two boats.

When a boat is being used on the water, careful decisions are to be made to make sure that there is no collision on the surface of the water.

But this requires a lot of intellect and experience from the boat operator or the captain of the boat.

Some of the times as a boat operator, you will have to overlook some of the navigation rules on a boat to ensure the safety of the people onboard.

Why a Captain Or Boat Operator Is Responsible For Avoiding a Collision Between Two Boats

1) The Captain Is In Control Of The Boat

When it comes to the use of a boat, there is always a person that controls the boat.

This is mostly the duty of the captain of the boat.

The captain of the boat is the person that is responsible for giving direction on what is to be done.

This is because the captain is in charge of the boat.

To avoid the development of casualties on the boat, the captain of the boat makes decisions that ensures the safe running of the boat.

With this, a possible collision is avoided when a boat is on the surface of the water.

2) The Captain Is Trained To Make Decisions

Before someone is made to be in control of a boat, there are certain requirements that are needed from the person.

One of it is that the person will be trained to be able to handle situations when on a boat.

These decisions are what will determine if there will be a casualty when boating or not.

To avoid this, a captain that is well trained and experienced should be made to operate a boat.

This will help in making better decisions that will avoid collision of two boats.

3) The Captain Knows The Navigation Rules

When a boat is on the water, it is not just driven like that.

There are set of rules that govern how the boat moves on the water.

Some of these rules are the navigation rules of boating.

This helps in the safe movement of a boat on the surface of the water in such a way that it does not collide with another boat.

During one of the trainings before becoming a boat captain, you will be trained on how to properly navigate a boat.

You will learn of who has the right of way when boating and who has to wait for another to pass.

This will help you make good decisions when you are boating so as to help avoid collision when you are boating.

Apart from obeying the rules of navigation when you operate a boat on the water, there are some times you will need to make some exceptions.

This is always done to avoid casualties like collision on the water when operating a boat.

In one of the navigation rules when boating, a boat that is on the right hand side of another boat has the right of way.

This means that the other boat will have to reduce it speed until the boat on the right of way passes if they are very close.

But in some of the situations, the boat that is supposed to reduce speed for the boat that has the right of way to pass may not reduce its speed.

This can be due to lack of navigation knowledge from a boat operator with limited knowledge.

In such a situation, the boat on the right of way will have to make sure that it reduces it speed to avoid colliding with the other boat.

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